L’innovation de Nespresso


For one night only, two chefs will leave the comfort of their own kitchens and take over the other’s restaurants. And as they make the switch, each guest chef must create a new, exciting dinner menu, inspired by the other’s restaurant menu and concept. The delicious five-course menu aims to delight and inspire diners, with at least one dish infused with the coffee goodness and flavorful aromas of Nespresso.

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Hennessy XO Gourmet X Chef Jeremy Leung


Hennessy X.O. celebrated the culinary treasures of China with a special dinner at China Blue at the Conrad Manila. The opulent banquet showcased kitchen masterpieces by esteemed chef, Jereme Leung, and libations courtesy of Hennessy X.O. Each of the carefully planned dishes were beautifully complemented by the complex taste of the exemplary cognac; ultimately elevating each served delicacy into a whole new facet of indulgence.

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Batangas Food Festival 2017 at Matabungkay Beach Hotel


Matabungkay Beach Hotel celebrates its 35th year anniversary with its annual Batangas Food Festival featuring 30 proudly Batangas beloved dishes, and 5 beverage concoctions led by 3 esteemed culinary artists. Balayan, Batangas grown chef, Chef Jaja Andal, Matabungkay’s Executive chef, Chef Ricardo Dino Jr. from Calatagan, and self proclaimed Adobo Queen, Chef Nancy Reyes- Lumen.

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