Honestbee Christmas Boutique


This season, beat the rush with Honestbee’s carefully curated food and gift items delivered to your doorstep. Now, you can spend more time celebrating with your loved ones, rather than wasting them in never-ending lines and traffic with over a hundred merchants under the Christmas Offerings category on the Honestbee app, you’ll never show up at your party empty handed.

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Kabila Filipino Bistro, Christmas Salo-salo


Kabila Filipino Bistro

Christmas is a huge thing in the Philippines, “Ber” months as they call it is actually the start of Christmas, and will usually end in January and in February. As you can imagine, almost everyone, if not everyone is attending Christmas parties left and right. What is a party without food? However, many of us celebrate Christmas having the same viands and dishes on the table. It seems a little repetitive at times, Kabila Christmas Salo-salo Set Menu will surely break the monotony in your Christmas Celebration.

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