Mekeni Christmas Hams

Christmas is just around the corner. And if you are already planning your Noche Buena, Mekeni is here to help you make your holiday spread extra special.

This the time to level up the festivities with Mekeni Christmas Hams! This holiday meal centerpiece is available in four (4) variants, All seasons Premium Ham, Deli Premium Ham, Pina Ham, and Pear-shaped Ham, suitable for all your holiday celebrations and fit for whatever budget you may have.

The Mekeni All Seasons Premium Ham sells for 580php SRP for 1kilogram. Smoky and aromatic, The All Seasons Premium Ham is seasoned with rare blend of exotic herbs, and spices, made from the choicest pork cuts.

The Mekeni Deli Premium Ham is at 500php SRP for 1kilogram. A no-frills, ready-to-eat ham, Mekeni’s Deli Premium Ham has the traditional sweet-savory taste that kids, and kids-at-heart will love!

The Mekeni Pina Ham sells for 330php SRP for 1kilogram. It has the right balance of smoky, sweet, and salty flavors. It is perfectly seasoned and glazed with a rich coating of pienapple sauce, making you finish your ham with so much gusto in no time.

The Mekeni Pear-shaped Ham is only 260php SRP for 800grams. Savor a juicy, lean, boneless ham perfect for the holidays and suits well within your budget.

Surely, these ready-to-eat hams will fill your homes with an irresistable aorma and your heats with delicious, burst-in-your-mouth goodness in every slice.

These are available in Mekeni Home2Home Delivery service, Mekeni Food Outlets, Wet Markets, and other online platforms.

Stay hungry,


Nathaniel C. Uy

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