Crystal Jade Celebrates 25th Anniversary


Crystal Jade, an established Singapore Michelin Star-awarded food & beverage group, is celebrating its 25th anniversary this 2016 with no less than the prestigious Michelin One Star Award given to one of its reputable brands, Crystal Jade Golden Palace. This is considered a truly remarkable feat parading the celebrated institution’s dedication and prowess in bringing quality and authentic Chinese fare to customers around the world.

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Tim Ho Wan

Tim Ho Wan

Tim Ho Wan

Woke up having this extreme craving for Dim Sum. Well, I was trying to suppress the feeling for a month now, but today… DIM SUM is the only thing on my mind. Can’t work, can’t write, can’t think straight. Is this how being in love feels like? 🙂

I have this love/hate relationship queuing up for Tim Ho Wan. I always like being the first in line. Even in Hong Kong, I always make sure I am the first in line. If not first, I would settle for top 10. But even with all that “hard work”, I would usually be bumped off the line. Why? ‘Cause my friends are always late.

Nonetheless, I think I can never get tired of eating at Tim Ho Wan. My first time trying Tim Ho Wan was in their original branch in Mong Kok, and it was simply magical. I am holding on to that memory every time I dine. That is why I was so excited when the first branch in the  Philippines opened, that my friends and I had to order everything on the menu. 🙂 Continue reading