Ka Tunying’s Cafe


First time to try Ka Tunying’s Cafe few weeks back and I must say, I got really surprised with the food. I have this wrong notion regarding cafes in general that coffee is good, but food is just okay. Ka Tunying’s Cafe is one place wherein I am glad to be wrong, and would love to be wrong many times just to try their food again.

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Back at Landers Superstore

cause… it’s SUPER CRAZY SALE time!!! :))


Landers Superstore has been the family’s go to place for everything we need in the household. May it be for diaper, or for my breakfast coffee, we highly depend on Landers Superstore since it opened a year ago.

Can’t believe it has been a year since I first wrote about Landers Superstore on the blog, and here we are again. This time, I will list couple of items I find really interesting and useful (from their ongoing sale), that surely will be good addition to your grocery list.

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Landers Superstore


Landers Superstore

Landers Superstore is now open and because of that, everyone is entitled to get 20% off membership fee from today till September 15, 2016. 🙂 Using your membership card, members can gas-up in Landers’ Caltex Station and save as much as 2php per liter. Such a great deal right? 🙂

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Choobi Choobi, Lingaw Lingaw Kaon


Choobi Choobi

For fresh seafood lovers, you’re in for a treat. Choobi Choobi, which proudly brings in juicy seafood straight from Cebu’s shrimp farm, offers a fresh and unique seafood dining experience. Imagine a fresh catch of seafood served to you in exciting, flavorful ways. There’s no need to catch a flight to Cebu to experience this because their leading restaurant is now in Manila.

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