Pia Wurtzbach, Ginebra San Miguel’s 2019 Calendar Girl


It was an exciting evening filled with Filipino pride as Ginebra San Miguel celebrated another milestone with its key dealers and friends from the media. Along with its 185th anniversary, came the beautiful reveal of their Calendar Girl for 2019. The Isla ballroom of EDSA Shangri-La hotel was packed with everyone waiting to meet the newest addition to the famous and prestigious roster of GSM Calendar Girls.


“I think a lot of people know already my story in Binibini. I kept trying and finally made it here. Beyond that, what are the new things that I’m going to do. That’s what I am working on right now.I want to continue to make all of you proud. I do have a never-say-die story because of my story when I joined Ms. Universe, but it’s not the end of my story. Abangannyo na lang,” Pia teases.

CG 2019 Main KV - Ginebra San Miguel.jpg

Part of her story continues in her latest endorsement as Ginebra San Miguel Calendar Girl for 2019. Together with host Rico, they guided the guests through all the calendar sheets shown on the big screen. The first, with her in a red swimsuit holding the classic gin since 1834. Pia was quick to share that Ginebra San Miguel is a Monde Selection Gold Awardee and recognized by Drinks International and Wines and Spirits Competition as the World’s Largest Selling Gin Brand. “This became the final pitch na sobrang nagustuhan ng IMG (International Management Group). Nag yes sila kaagad kasi kilala nila ang brand and this is the world’s largest selling gin brand. So they said yes right away, and syempre, I said yes!”

CG 2019 Main KV - GSM Blue.jpg

Second is Pia in blue, showcasing GSM Blue flavors. “GSM Blue is very fun, it’s what you usually have with your friends. It’s a ready mix drink, so you don’t need a chaser. You just buy the bottle and you’re good to go. I know this brand is known to be something fun, so I wanted to show it in the photo.

CG 2019 Main KV - Vino Kulafu.jpg

Vino Kulafu is the Philippines’ No. 1 best-selling Chinese wine with various health benefits from its 12 authentic Chinese herb ingredients. It also achieved Gold Quality Label Award from Monde Selection International Institute for Quality Selections 2018. “What I love about this shoot is they let me add my own personality. Minsan nadadala ako sa photoshoot, so I started flipping my hair from one side to the other side. So now, it’s part of the calendar,” laughs a giddy Pia.

CG 2019 Omnibus - Brown Spirits.jpg

The last two sets of photos are the biggest reveals because it’s the first in history for GSM Calendar, with host Rico Robles naming it “Panoramic Pia.” Both layouts show three Pia’s in different sexy bikinis. “I am so happy I’m the first one. I really like the idea that you get more of, not me, but the products. I love it!”

CG 2019 Omnibus - White Spirits.jpg

“In 2019, Ginebra San Miguel will be 185 years old as a brand. So next year will be a super special year. Dapat super special rin ang calendar. So, everyone was asking who will the next GSM calendar girl be?” This was the introductory speech of GSMI Marketing manager Ron Molina at the recent launch of the Ginebra San Miguel Calendar Girl 2019.

Ginebra San Miguel was considered the drink of the elite back in 1834. Ninety years later, with greater supply, Ginebra quickly became the drink of the masses. “So now, we could say that it has withstood the test of time, like no other Philippine liquor brand,” adds Molina. Ginebra San Miguel is, in fact, the oldest consumer brand that is still in the market today.

Stay hungry,


Nathaniel C. Uy

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