Ka Tunying’s Cafe


First time to try Ka Tunying’s Cafe few weeks back and I must say, I got really surprised with the food. I have this wrong notion regarding cafes in general that coffee is good, but food is just okay. Ka Tunying’s Cafe is one place wherein I am glad to be wrong, and would love to be wrong many times just to try their food again.


Ka Tunying’s Cafe started as a bakeshop in Nueva Ecija, where the Taberna family owned and ran a local panaderya. Though, during my visit I focused more on their food offerings rather than on the pastries. Maybe I could go back again and give those a try.


The meal started with Ukoy, but their version included Pumpkin or Kalabasa into the mix, giving the Ukoy a sweet balanced flavor to it.


Next is “Bruce Tawilis” or Fried Crispy Tawilis served with vinegar. I must say, and this is agreed upon by everyone at the table… This is the best Tawilis dish PERIOD!!! Deboned and fried to perfection.


Something perfect on the rainy season is “Arroz Ala Tunying”, served with perfectly boiled egg, and sliced chicken breast.


Nueva Ecija is known for the longganisa, or “Batutay” as they are called in the native language. A visit to this Nueva Ecija grown and owned restaurant will never be complete without trying a local delicacy.


Vegetarian or vegetable lovers rejoice as Ka Tunying’s Cafe present their no meat “Ka-Love-Asa Lasagna”, the classic Lasagna cooked with zucchini, eggplant, tomato sauce, cheese and of course… Pumpkin or Kalabasa (hence the name).


Staying true to its roots has been part of Ka Tunying’s Cafe appeal, which has held on to its well-loved dishes in spite of the barrage of food trends.

Disclaimer: Everything written here is entirely based on my own opinion, my own biases, and my own insights.

Ka Tunying’s Cafe

Visayas Avenue, Timog Avenue, and NAIA Terminal 3

Contact Number:
(046) 366 1342

Website: www.facebook.com/katunyingscafe


Stay hungry,


Nathaniel Uy

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