Discovery Primea, Restaurant Tapenade *NEW* Menu


Discovery Primea’s all-day dining outlet Restaurant Tapenade launched an entirely new menu last April 2, 2018. Showcasing bold and summery flavors, the restaurant named after the traditional Provencal condiment of puréed olives, capers, anchovies and olive oil, embodies the rich flavors of the Mediterranean region. The new menu takes inspiration from the seaside fishing villages of the French coast, the terroir of the Italian countryside, the sunny isles of Greece, and the exotic landscapes of Turkey and Morocco.

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Marco Polo Ortigas Manila, Staycation


Marco Polo Ortigas Manila

One highlight of my birthday month was a Staycation with Marco Polo Ortigas Manila. Not that I needed a break from all the “hard work” that I do. ;p I think, mom badly needs a day-off. Though, we can’t really be far from home… Marco Polo Ortigas Manila has the perfect proximity being in the center of Ortigas Business district, yet gives a vibe that you are in a chic comfortable hotel.

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Marco Polo Ortigas Manila, Lung Hin Cantonese Restaurant


Lung Hin

Located on the 44th floor of Marco Polo Otigas Manila, Lung Hin is not your typical Chinese restaurant. It boasts a contemporary Chinese flare offering traditional and authentic Cantonese food and fresh seafood made by its very own Hong Kong chefs. Lung Hin as “Dragon Pavilion” in its English translation, promises to embrace its diners with an expansive layout and sleek interiors that blend in perfect symmetry with the restaurant’s exclusive private rooms ideal for intimate gatherings.

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