Discovery Primea, Restaurant Tapenade *NEW* Menu


Discovery Primea’s all-day dining outlet Restaurant Tapenade launched an entirely new menu last April 2, 2018. Showcasing bold and summery flavors, the restaurant named after the traditional Provencal condiment of puréed olives, capers, anchovies and olive oil, embodies the rich flavors of the Mediterranean region. The new menu takes inspiration from the seaside fishing villages of the French coast, the terroir of the Italian countryside, the sunny isles of Greece, and the exotic landscapes of Turkey and Morocco.


Perfect for lively group dining, the menu’s Starter section has tapas, antipasti and mezze are best savored in small portions, and among friends. The Seared Lamb Riblets Alla Pastra, served over Sicilian pumpkin and with a cool lemon-mint ricotta is meant to be eaten by hand. The Grilled Pulpo con Patatas, tender and served over roasted potatoes, with a Spanish paprika vinaigrette is smoky and familiar.


The Philippines’ world-renowned seafood pairs extremely well with Mediterranean cuisine, highlighted on the menu through the Gambas a la Brava, a sweet shrimp sautéed with garlic and brandy, and the Cebu Bay Scallops al Ajillo, pan-roasted with brown butter, garlic and parsley, and served over hearty ciabatta.


The pasta section of the menu carries both old favorites and new flavors. The cult-favorite Spaghetti Alla Gricia, al dente noodles tossed in red onion and chili flake oil, with a generous serving of genuine Italian guanciale, is still on the menu. The linguine al nero, new to the menu, is a taste of the Italian coast. Tapenade’s chefs make the squid ink pasta fresh, and toss it with garlic shrimp, Chilean mussels, snapper, clams, and fresh cherry tomatoes and basil.


The brick oven is a Restaurant Tapenade signature, churning out freshly hand-rolled pizzas as ordered. The Salumi pizza, Tapenade’s version of the Meat Lovers pizza is made with Italian guanciale, fennel sausage, bacon, salsiccia picante, and topped with a heap of mozzarella. A more sophisticated pizza on the menu is the Davao Goat Cheese pizza, made with double-smoked bacon and caramelized leeks. What is fast becoming a new favorite is the Pizza alla Chef Beam, devised by Tapenade sous chef Nathaniel “Beam” Carlos, as his version of the controversial Hawaiian pizza, made with prosciutto and grilled pineapple.


Of the snacks and light bites, the Spanish Chorizo Burger and Greek Chicken Tacos are the perfect hearty afternoon snack. Comforting and nourishing, the Rice Harvest section features a hefty Seafood Paella, a Portuguese Arroz con Pato, and a few risottos.
Of the main dishes, the highlights are the Porcini Rib Eye, and the Bistecca Alla Fiorentina, both juicy, scrumptious, and good to share.


The dessert menu is full to the brim with delectable delights made with the freshest ingredients, most of which are created right in the Discovery Primea pastry kitchen. A daily rotation of homemade ice cream and gelato flavors have been a favorite since the restaurant first opened.


A Makati favorite, the Salad Room continues to delight guests with a fine selection of local and imported produce, charcuterie, cheeses, and fresh seafood, available daily for Php 780 nett, and at a special price of Php 620 nett every Thursday.


Restaurant Tapenade is open from 6:30 to 10:30 AM for breakfast, 11:30 to 2:30 for lunch, and 6 to 11:30 PM for dinner. For inquiries and reservations, please visit call +63 2 955.8888. Restaurant Tapenade is located at the ground floor of Discovery Primea, 6749 Ayala Avenue, Makati City.


Stay hungry,


Nathaniel Uy

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