Jolly Cow, Third Philippine National Barista Championship


Jolly Cow: Official Milk Sponsor for the 3rd Philippines National Barista Championship

Congratulations Mr. Silvester “Sly” Samonte of El Union Coffee, on winning this year’s Philippine National Barista Championship. He will represent the country in Dublin, Ireland for the World Barista Championship in June of this year.


(Right) Mr. Leo de Leon of Allegro Beverage Corporation

Know what makes your coffee drinking experience more delightful? It is the rich taste of fresh milk. The creamier, the better. Mr. Leo De Leon, President of Allegro Beverage Corporation, says that milk shouldn’t overpower the taste of coffee. The lactose component of it, which give its slightly sweet and pleasant taste, is the reason why adding sugar may not be necessary at all.


Jolly Cow

Jolly Cow Fresh Milk has 3.5% butterfat content which is the highest in the market. This what makes Jolly Cow creamier and ideal for coffee art.


Mr. Sly Samonte of El Union Coffee

Baristas are able to produce high quality milk froth when using Jolly Cow Fresh Milk, aslso known as microfoam that has silky, white and shiny texture that makes coffee latte art lasts longer due to balance amount of protein and butterfat of Jolly Cow.


PNBC 2016 Trophy

Whether you are a budding coffee barista or a coffee-lover, use Jolly Cow to make your coffee art stay in place longer. Delight in the creamylicious taste of Jolly Cow in every cup of coffee!

Stay hungry,


Nathaniel Uy

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