Good Life Flavors of Fortune



Flavors of Fortune

Good Life marks the start of the Chinese New Year in an event entitled Good Life Flavors of Fortune: A Celebration of Good Life, from February 5 to 8, 2016 at the TriNoma Activity Center. Taste the culinary feast from the Good Life Chinese Food Fair, witness the 1st ever Good Life Chinese Culinary Cook Off in partnership with the Center for Culinary Arts Manila, and learn from the Chinese Cuisine Cooking Demos!


Cooking Contest

Together with event partners ChinoyTV, Confucius Institute and Bahay Tsinoy, there will be Chinese exhibits such as Lingnan Style Paintings, You Speak Hokkien, booth activities featuring Calligraphy, Chinese Paper Cutting and Lantern Making and various cultural performances on stage. Watch live demonstrations of Chinese Lantern Making, Collaborative Chinese Painting and the traditional Dragon and Lion Dance exhibition. And, get to know your 2016 fortune straight from Feng Shui masters Hanz Cua and Naneth Yu Guinto. It will definitely be a fun day of eating, cooking and celebrating traditions and culture!


Fortune Telling

Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is the longest and most significant celebration in the Chinese calendar. It is not only a time to honor cultural traditions and customs, but also a time for families to bond over good food and warm fellowship.


Lion Dance

“A lot of people associate the good life with good relationships and the delightful experience of having good times with family and friends,” said Fly Ace Corporation’s Vice President for Marketing, Mr. Abraham P. Cipriano, Jr. “So, it is only fitting that Good Life products help you create those daily celebrations of having a delightful Asian feast for the entire family to enjoy together.”


Good Life’s Product Line

Offering a complete line of Asian food products that bring out the genuine taste and flavor of your favorite Asian dishes since year 2000, Good Life – which name is inspired by the Chinese’s common association of longevity with noodles — carries products like Vermicelli, Egg Noodles, Bihon, Sesame Oil, Oyster Sauce and Japanese-Style Bread Crumbs. And because Good Life products are of top grade food quality standards, one is assured of delighting loved ones with best-tasting dish renditions.


Noodles for long life

“Good Life aims to make your celebrations more memorable by bringing out the best flavors of your dishes. So for 2016, we decided to put up an elaborate event for both the Filipino and Chinese community to enjoy. We are excited for everyone to try out the activities that our whole team has prepared all throughout the day, “said Fly Ace Corporation’s General Manager, Ramon P. Daez.


Chinese Lanterns


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