Recipe: Mekeni Gluten-free Chicken Longganisa

Mekeni Gluten-free Chicken Longanisa

Many of us have done a lot of things to get through this season of quarantine – do general cleaning, redecorate the house, explore new habits such as planting, and even spend more time in the kitchen creating dishes for the family.

Mekeni presents a family specialty that is a healthier alternative to your regular longanisa. Mekeni Chicken Longanisa is the healthier longanisa choice in the market. It is made from real chicken meat and certified gluten-free so you and your family can enjoy more, guiltless.

Mekeni Gluten-free Chicken Longanisa

The pandemic has also made us more conscious about our health. So, when we prepare dishes for our family, we are mindful on how we can put together a meal that is healthy yet delicious. It is indeed such a challenge as healthy food are perceived to be less enjoyable because they are bland or do not have much flavor. It is also believed that these foods are expensive and not easily accessible.

Mekeni Gluten-free Chicken Longanisa

Nutritionist Reginna Lat shares that gluten is normally found in everyday food that contain grains. Wheat and rye are the most common examples of this. Gluten-free food are usually prescribed to people who have Celiac disease or has gluten-sensitivity. But nowadays, it is observed that there is a rising interest for gluten-free food to the general public as it may help with weight loss, reduce total caloric and sugar intake, Diabetes management and sugar control, and even bloatedness. With this, the usual favorites that you and your family eat at home have now healthier alternatives and are more accessible than before.

Mekeni Gluten-free Chicken Longanisa

Though it may be an option for certain diet programs or for people who are leaning to a healthier lifestyle, it is till recommended to seek professional advice from licensed doctors and dietitians to get the best recommendation that will suit your everyday food needs.

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Nathaniel C. Uy

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