Salmon HQ

Salmon HQ

I always say “I don’t eat fish”, but let me clarify that… I don’t eat COOKED fish. I LOVE raw fish!!! Don’t ask me why, but personally I think it is the fishy or murky taste of fish that I don’t like.

Recently, I ordered from Salmon HQ their signature Sushi Cakes. I was blown away by how fresh the fish is, and how excellent the quality of the fish is. I hardly eat Salmon in general, but I was eating Salmon HQ’s Salmon Sashimi Cake for at least three days straight… Lunch and dinner!!!

Salmon Sashimi Cake

One of the best, if not the best Salmon Sashimi I’ve tried in the longest time is from Salmon HQ. The fact that I can last in the chiller for 3 days, and still taste fresh is a testament of the quality.

Salmon Sashimi Cake

When I was taking photos of the cake, I didn’t expect that inside was a surprise. Apparently, the 6 inch Premium Cut Salmon Sashimi Cake is stuffed with layers of Premium Kani Kama mixed with Ebiko, Premium Salmon, Chuka Wakame mixed with Japanese Sushi Rice.

Tuna Sashimi Cake

Aside from their Premium Cut Salmon Sushi Cake, they also have a Tuna version, with the same filling inside. Both are equally good, and equally fresh… But for the first time in my life, I would really say… My heart and tummy was won over by the Salmon Sushi Cake.

New Items

Aside from the two previously mentioned items, Salmon HQ has just recently released new premium products on their menu. The one with Ikura and Hokkaido Scallops is calling out my name!!! I am badly eyeing that one once my diet is over.

Surprise your loved ones with this unique one of a kind specialty!

Salmon HQ

Contact Number: +63 922 894 3679


Stay hungry,


Nathaniel C. Uy

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