Isla Sugbu Seafood City


Isla Sugbu Seafood City

SuTukil is equated with Cebu, traveling to the Queen City of the South is really not complete without trying the SuTuKil experience. Isla Sugbu Seafood City redefined the said experience, and brought in freshly caught seafood in a neatly packaged restaurant that offers a new perspective to SuTuKil.


Fresh Catch of the Day

SuTuKil is based on Cebuano’s ingenuity and love for food, taking a huge fish usually Snapper, Grouper or Mackerel, and using specific parts of the fish for certain type of dish. “Su” for “Sugba” or grilled is usually for the tail end of the fish. “Tu” or “Tuwa/Tinola” or soup-based dish is how the head part of the fish is cooked. Lastly, “Kil” or “Kilawin” or our version of Ceviche, cooking the flesh part of the fish in acid.


Isla Sugbu Seafood City Set Menu

Now, SuTuKil is a general term used that utilizes those three cooking methods, but uses different kinds of seafood. Isla Sugbu Seafood City offers 4 different Set Menus. The Set Menu highlights the SuTuKil experience, playing around with different fresh seafood to choose from, and is already good for 4 people. Each set menu likewise comes with an appetizer, an additional dish of the day, and a rice platter.


Fresh Live Crabs

Why should the experience end there? With good number of seafood varieties available, ranging from Lobsters, to Angel Shells, from Grouper, to Spanish Jacks, the kitchen can easily whip up dishes to your heart’s content.


Here we have the crabs being weighed prior to cooking, live seafood weight already includes price for cooking. This I really appreciate, some establishments would have separate prices for the seafood and for cooking, which I think is really unfair for the customer.


Chefs would expertly cook up the chosen seafood based on the client’s request or based on how it is best eaten.


The crabs was cooked deep-fried and was served with plenty of garlic. YUM! 🙂


Spiny Lobster and Sea Mantis

What I also appreciate with Isla Sugbu Seafood City is that they keep their crustaceans alive. Live crustaceans will always have a sweeter taste to it.


Fresh Clean Seafood

I’ve been to Cebu countless times already, but I’ve only tried SuTuKil once, during my very first visit to Cebu. That was also the last time until Isla Sugbu Seafood City came along. Why? You would first notice how properly the fish are handled in Seafood City, they are kept in ice, no flies hovering around, the surrounding is properly kept, you know you are safe when you dine in Isla Sugbu Seafood City. Being a chef, food handling and sanitation is a big factor when dining out. The cleanliness of the establishment, and how their raw ingredients are handled.

Disclaimer: It was a bloggers’ event. Everything written here is entirely based on my own opinion, my own biases, and my own insights.


Isla Sugbu Seafood City

The Grand Convention Center of Cebu, Archbishop Reyes Avenue, Cebu City

Mobile: +63 32 260  8000

Instagram: @TheGrandCon


SuTuKil Packages P1,600 net for 4 people per package

inclusive of Appetizer, Dish of the Day, and Rice Paller

Package A (Fish Sugba, Shrimp Tinuwa, Fish Kinilaw)

Package B (Squid Sugba, Shrimp Tinuwa, Fish Kinilaw)

Package C (Fish Sugba, Fish Tinuwa, Shrimp Kinilaw)

Package D (Squid Sugba, Fish Tinuwa, Shrimp Kinilaw)


Spiny Lobsters!!! :))

Now, if you are visiting Cebu and ready to take on the extraordinary and flavorful SuTuKil adventure, make sure to put Isla Sugbu Seafood City on top of your itinerary.

Stay hungry,


Nathaniel Uy


With Mr. Jericho Rosales, and Ms. Mylene Dizon



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