Recipe: Mida Food inspired Paella Mixta


Mida Food Distributors celebrates its 20th anniversary as a leader in the Philippine seafood industry in 2017. Today, the company offers the largest seafood selection in the Philippines in collaboration with its sister company, Mida Trade Ventures. The company also offers a full line of retail seafood specialty items under their brand, Pacific Bay.


Mida Food Distributors has also penetrated the retail market through its brand, Pacific Bay. The line offers freshly-packed seafood items, specifically designed for the home cook in mind. Products include peeled & deveined shrimp, tuna belly, tuna steaks, scallop meat, salmon steaks, whole clams, crabstick, and cream dory fillet, as well as Atlantic cod portions, bacalao loins, Chilean seabass, softshell crab, Gindara steaks and halibut fillet and steaks.

Mida Food inspired Paella Mixta


Sofrito – Bell Pepper (red), Onions (white), Garlic, Tomato Paste (optional).

Sofrito, traditionally is the base of any paella.

Saute diced Bell Pepper, diced Onions, minced Garlic, and Tomato Paste in Olive Oil until caramelized. In my case, I sauteed my Sofrito in The Butchery Schmaltz or rendered Chicken Fat. Set Aside.

Using the same pan, saute Mida Food Peeled Jumbo Shrimps, and flambe with White Wine. Set Aside.

Do the same with Mida Food Half Shell New Zealand Green-lipped Mussels.

In the same pan, saute The Butchery Saffron Sausage in Schmaltz (Butter or Olive Oil), until fragrant.

Incorporate the Sofrito.

Add in your Dinorado Rice, and saute with the sofrito-sausage mixture.

Deglaze with White Wine, and add in few drops of Patis.

When wine has evaporated, slowly stir in your chicken or seafood stock (1:2 ratio, 1 part rice to 2 parts liquid).

Your stock can be infused with Saffron and/or canned Diced Tomatoes, or not. A good sofrito can replicate the delicate flavor of Saffron.

Throw in a Bay Leaf. (optional)

Season with Salt and Pepper.

Let the mixture boil once.

Cover with Aluminium Foil.

Now, you may either continue cooking on the stove with very low fire, or continue cooking inside the oven for about 25mins. (oven should be preheated to 325 degrees Fahrenheit).

Once cooked, top with Arugula, roasted Cherry Tomatoes, roasted Bell Pepper, sliced Green Olives, and of course, Mida Food Jumbo Shrimp and Green-lipped Mussels.

Serve with Aioli Sauce.

With its accomplishments, its business strategies, its close collaboration with clients, and its strategic stance of looking out for the latest trends in the industry, Mida Food Distributors certainly looks forward to the coming years.

Stay hungry,


Nathaniel Uy

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