Recipe: House Foods Kokumaro Curry Pork Tonkatsu


I first heard of House Foods Kokumaro Curry was when I visited Japan few years back. I was asking for suggestions from our Tour Guide about food products Japanese people actually uses in their homes. One of the many items she recommended was House Foods Kokumaro Curry and Vermont Curry.

May I just say, I am so glad it is now available in the Philippines!!!


Ingredients: (serves 12 people)

1 KG Pork Steak, sliced in 1/2 inches

Salt & Pepper



Japanese Panko Breadcrumbs

Oil for frying

1 pack Kokumaro Medium Hot Curry

1 liter Water

1/2 KG Sweet Potato

2 cans Diced Tomatoes, drained



1.) Heat Oil in a deep pan for frying.

2.) Season Pork Steak with Salt and Pepper, then dredge in Flour, Eggs, and Breadcrumbs.

3.) Fry until golden brown.

4.) Set aside, on a cooling rack.

5.) Boil 1 liter Water with 1/2 kg Sweet Potato, until soft.


6.) Add one pack of Kokumaro Curry into the mixture, mix until Roux dissolves properly and sauce thickens.

7.) Add Diced Tomatoes.


8.) Serve with fried Tonkatsu and Rice.

9.) Enjoy!!!

House Foods


Stay hungry,


Nathaniel Uy

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