Tokyo Tokyo, Unagi-style Bangus


We love home-grown dishes, but there is always a constant craving for that unique Japanese taste. Hey! why not have both? With their newest product, Unagi-style Bangus, Tokyo Tokyo made a combination of both familiar and new flavors to continue their mission of providing you a taste of Japan but with a Filipino Twist.


Who doesn’t like Bangus? It is after all, our National Fish. We like it fried, grilled, stewed, braised, or in just about every available cooking method available. Imagine, enjoying this milky meaty fish covered with a sweet smoky soy sauce glaze. Simply delectable right? That is why Tokyo Tokyo released this Unagi-Style Bangus Bento that is indeed the first of its kind. Cooked the Japanese way, this is the kind of fusion no one should ever want to miss!


Coming into the Lent season, this will be the perfect alternative to satiate your meat-craving appetite. Since Bangus is a meaty white fish, this can be a perfect replacement to pork. Likewise, this can also be the good and healthy light substitute to eating clean for that leaner slimmer body in time for summer.


An order of the Unagi-Style Bangus Bento is composed of boneless bangus grilled to perfection, drizzled with smoky unagi sauce and topped with crunchy garlic bits and onion leeks served with vegetable misono and unlimited rice for only 175php.

You can also pair it with Tokyo Tokyo’s signature Red Iced Tea, or upgrade your bento into a meal that comes with either California Maki or Miso Soup.


Visit your nearest Tokyo Tokyo branch and experience the delectable taste of Unagi-Style Bangus Bento!

Stay hungry,


Nathaniel C. Uy

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