Maya Hotcake, Hotcake Art


People all over the world have a universal taste for pancakes, but Filipinos hold a special place in their hearts for Maya Hotcakes. Maya’s fuss-free mixes and products have been household favorites for over 50 years, including the Maya Original Hotcake Mix which many people grew up enjoying.



Now, Maya is bringing an imaginative twist to your table as they introduce a fun new way to get creative with the beloved breakfast staple. With the all-time favorite Maya Hotcake Mix, watch art and food come together with Maya Hotcake Art!


Maya Hotcake Art lets you be as imaginative and creative as you want and shows that something familiar can still have a fun, new twist. Take your breakfast and snack to a whole new level by making your favorite characters and icons into hotcake art, with the help of The Pancake Warrior Elle Jay Orbase.


Elle Jay is not a chef nor a professional artist, but he enjoyed drawing cartoon characters in grade school. What started out as a curiosity over a hotcake griddle turned into a full-time career as he launched The Pancake Warrior YouTube Channel. His creations, ranging from logos to anime and cartoon characters, and even Philippine presidents, have become online sensations, garnering a total of 16 million views and fans from around the world.


Now, Elle Jay extends the love of Hotcake Art to more people by partnering with Maya. “I’ve always used Maya Hotcake Mix since it is easy to prepare and has a consistent texture,” he says. “Just like Maya, I also believe in making cooking fun, and so this project on hotcake art began.”


Elle Jay uses the Maya Original Fluffy n’ Tasty Hotcake Mix and the Maya Quick n’ Easy Hotcake Mix for his creations, and will be sharing special tips and tricks to help you perfect your hotcake art. Using a squeeze bottle filled with colored batter, he first outlines the shape onto a heated pan, then fills in the gaps with details to bring the characters to life. But even without the tools that he usually uses, he encourages families to infuse a little more fun and imagination with their hotcakes.

Stay hungry,


Nathaniel Uy

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