The Naked Foodie… bares it all!!!

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Imagine a platform where you can find all things food—not ordinary stuff, mind you, but one-of-a-kind ideas, adventures, and recipes that you can try out or even share with friends, dished out by one of Manila’s most creative foodies.

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Whether you’re a certified gourmand, a kitchen wizard, or just a lover of good food, you’ll definitely love The Naked Foodie, a food and travel VLOG/ Blog that will let you take your food adventures to a new level. The brainchild of Christian Mark Jacobs, the whiz behind The Naked Patisserie, The Naked Foodie <; has restaurant features and reviews, food and travel vlogs, recipes, and Naked Patisserie’s e-commerce site where you can easily purchase luxury cakes and pastries. Soon to add to his online store will be The Naked Foodie wine label which will include sparkling, white, rose and red wine.

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Aside from these, the Naked Foodie is a glimpse into Christian’s travels and experiences with food, often with his partner, renowned fashion designer Francis Libiran. Tidbits of these offerings are also shared regularly on @thenakedfoodie_official Instagram feed.

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“By night, I am a loving partner, doting parent to Rocco (the chihuahua), and quirky party-thrower with an appetite for satisfying my curiosity. But the truth is, I just love food. Not just any food, but REAL food- fresh ingredients, recipes made from scratch, food that looks just as good as it tastes, like art…what I like to call NAKED food,” Christian explains in the site.

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The Naked Foodie is a natural next step for Christian, whose love affair with food started from his childhood in Southern United States, when he would stand on footstools to watch his mother create dishes from well-loved family recipes. Eventually, he got to wield his own kitchen tools and developed an acumen for cooking and baking, delighting family and friends with his creations.

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Inspired by this, The Naked Patisserie was born, making its debut at the most important event for the budding foodie– his very own wedding. Since then, The Naked Patisserie has developed its own following, and is becoming known as the go-to cake supplier for celebrity weddings.

Naked Patisserie will be making bespoke cakes for upcoming celebrity weddings for Christian Bautista and Kat Ram, Kryz Uy and Slater Young, and Moira Dela Torre and Jason Marvin. Celebrities are also raving about Naked Patisserie’s to die-for Chocolate Oreo Cheesecake Truffles, which Christian has been making since he was a teenager. Those years of practice are paying off for Christian as recently orders were placed by a corporate client for thousands of truffles to be flown to Cebu and Davao.

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Because of its premium offerings and A-list clientele, The Naked Patisserie has naturally quickly become one of the most sought-after cake supplier for weddings and events cakes and giveaways, including the Luxe Naked Gift Sets which are already being pre-ordered in bulk by individuals and corporations for Christmas giveaways.

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For Christian, the blog and the e-commerce site complement each other naturally, and serve as good starting points to bring more foodies into a shared journey of non-stop discoveries. In reality, what he hopes to achieve is to embrace Filipino culture through its food as he also attempts to learn Tagalog.

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Ultimately, the purpose of The Naked Foodie is to entertain, inform, engage its audience, and to make people fall in love with the Philippines through its food scene in Manila and beyond, as well as exploring cultures and people throughout the world through the scope of food. Indeed, the joys of eating knows no bounds and you can discover these for yourself with The Naked Foodie.

Stay hungry,


Nathaniel C. Uy

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