Tinapay Natin, Pinoy Bread Baking Competition


Sparking a renewed love for local breads like the Pan de Sal is the inspiration behind the latest pillar of Pilmico’s brainchild, Mahalin Pagkaing Atin movement, an advocacy aimed at amplifying the role of every Filipino as a producer and guardian of our food heritage. This year’s Tinapay Natin Pinoy Bread Baking Competition aims to highlight how brad plays an important role in our local food culture and heritage, supporting our rich food history and empowering community bakeries to become storytellers for the land and the people.


The contest invites young members of society to recreate a beloved traditional bread as well as a modern bread, in the hopes that by inviting the youth to add their own twist to Philippines bread making, the art can be furthered. It is open to students aged 18 to 35 years old from anywhere in the Philippines.


The team with a bread concept that clearly carries a unique story, innovation, creativity, and deliciousness will be then awarded as makers of the country’s first Tinapay Natin Pinoy Bread Baking Competition.


More than just being a competition, the Tinapay Natin Pinoy Bread Baking Competition also pays tribute to our regions’ distinguished local identity, culture, and produce by sharing the inspiring stories that each local bread variant carries.


Aside from the 50,000 peso cash prize, Max’s Corner Bakery will also be distributing the winning bread creation, sharing its captivating bread story, through its outlets nationwide so that the rest of the nation may take part in crafting the first Tinapay Natin ever.

24x36 Maxs Tinapayan Poster FA.jpg

General Guidelines:

Who Can Join?

1) Teams of two students each, aged 18-35-years old and currently enrolled full-time in an academic institution as of August 12, 2016 can join.

Submission of Entries

2) To qualify for the eliminations, each team must enter one (1) regional bread and one (1) modern bread.

a. Regional bread –associated with a region or a place within a region in the Philippines.

b. Modern bread –inspired by any local bread but is given a modern twist, whether in terms of baking style, preparation, ingredients used, or flavors harnessed.

These could be two breads of the same type (e.g. regional bread: Ensaymada from Central Luzon / modern bread: Ensaymada with Cocoa Cream Filling), or two completely different bread variants that adhere to the definitions above (e.g. regional bread: Elorde from Cebu / modern Bread: Raisin Monay), both of which must use only a maximum of ten (10) ingredients indicated in the pantry list provided in the online application form.

3) To submit, contestants must fill out the official Tinapay Natin Google form found on www.facebook.com/TinapayNatin or www.maxschicken.com/tinapaynatin. Complete competition guidelines are also posted on these links.

4) Deadline for submission is on August 12, 2016. The Consortium reserves the right to disqualify participants within the contest period should they fail to comply with the requirements or have committed fraudulent acts to appear eligible.


As a nation tied to a vibrant food culture, beloved staples have become a huge part of the Filipino lifestyle. A popular must-have in every local dining table is bread, a universal favorite that has countless versions lining panaderia shelves across all corners of the Philippines.

Disclaimer: It was a media event. Everything written here is entirely based on my own opinion, my own biases, and my own insights.

Stay hungry,


Nathaniel Uy

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