2nd Philippine Harvest Fair, August 19 to 21, 2016


A repeat of the highly successful Philippine Harvest at Central Square held last May will take place August 19 to 21, 2016.


Once again, the Department of Agriculture in partnership with SSI Group, Inc. celebrates and promotes the richness of Philippine agriculture through a wide range of exhibitors who will present and sell their Agricultural Food products at Central Square in Bonifacio High Street.


The event brings light to the opulence of our Country’s organic, heirloom, and other indigenous rice and grains varieties. Further, the food range has been expanded to include and highlight Philippine Spirits, a wide variety of local wines and liqueurs made from tropical fruits, honey, and rice.


Aside from our highlighted local wines and liqueurs, the Department of Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel F. Piñol requested the presence of some of our organic rice farmers who will showcase our local indigenous grains from various parts of our country.


As what the Secretary assured during his farmers’ visit regarding his help in marketing of heirloom rice, local wines, and other agricultural food varieties,“The Philippines has great potentials for the production of wines, spirits, and liqueurs. The Administration of President Duterte fully supports the endeavour. With this, I will be your number one salesman in offering local produce.”


The three-day agri food fair is an avenue where the public can buy, bring home and appreciate organic, artisanal, natural and indigenous products that are native to our country. The fair will be located at the lower and upper ground floors of Central Square in Bonifacio High Street Central and will be open to the public during mall hours.


Disclaimer: It was a media event. Everything written here is entirely based on my own opinion, my own biases, and my own insights.

Stay hungry,


Nathaniel Uy

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