PlatoWraps, celebrates 15th Anniversary!


PlatoWraps. You’ve probably seen it—in the mall, in your school, in a cafeteria. It doesn’t make your heart skip a beat like your crush, but it is that reliable friend you can count on for delicious comfort. Every single time.


For 15 years, PlatoWraps has been quietly but assuredly serving value-for-money handheld meals to Filipinos on the go. When the family was given the opportunity to expand their bakery, they came up with something new for their customers. A true family effort, Tony Seen produced the flatbread that his wife, Kamela, decided worked better with filling. The plate-shaped sandwich was thus named Plato Wraps. From its first filling of chicken—a family recipe—Plato Wraps has launched a full menu, with Ham and Cheese, Yummy Tuna, Beef Gyro, and more. They also offer seasonal fillings, like Adoboritto, Cheese Pimiento, and Platopizza.


It’s never been a better time for this enduring and successful brand. With the abundance of dining options available, Filipinos have become more discerning about what they eat and PlatoWraps fits right into what today’s busy cubicle-dwellers are looking for—portable, affordable, and healthy.


“Customers are now more health-conscious. They understand products that are made with less preservatives and additives. They want food that is prepared fast without sacrificing the quality and taste, “says PlatoWraps Brand Manager Kreme Seen. That’s Plato Wraps to a tee.


To celebrate their milestone and to keep up with the changing times, Plato Wraps has adopted a newer, more streamlined look. The green logo is inspired by their signature ridged flatbread, making their brand much more identifiable.


What’s more, Kamela, who heads kitchen duties, is also busy concocting new items to look forward to. PlatoWraps’ fans will be interested to learn that they’re developing a chia wrap, as well as experimenting with fillings like bean sprouts and gourmet tuyo. The most exciting part? Plato Wraps will also come out with package filling and flatbread that customers can take home and enjoy at their leisure.


Disclaimer: It was a media event. Everything written here is entirely based on my own opinion, my own biases, and my own insights.

Stay hungry,


Nathaniel Uy

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