Recipe: King Sue Ham Bones and Chorizo de Bilbao Split Pea Soup


With the wide array of premium products King Sue offers, one can be assured of the most delicious and fresh picks, all fit for a king. It is a heritage brand filled with rich history that continues to deliver the best meat products.

The possibilities of coming up with delectable dishes made from King Sue products are endless as it continues to adapt to the ever-evolving food industry, making it the brand of choice for the whole family.

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For my dish I used two of my favorite King Sue products: Ham Hock bones, and Chorizo de Bilbao, though their Hungarian Sausage will work perfectly as well.


The Ham Hock bones are by products of their very popular Chinese Ham Bone-in. The company has been making this product, Chinese Ham Bone-in, for the past 80 years.

I can only find King Sue Ham Hock Bones in selected supermarkets. From my recollection, it is available in Landmark, Hi-top, and Unimart.

King Sue Ham Bones and Chorizo de Bilbao Split Pea Soup


4 pcs. King Sue Ham Hock Bones

4 pcs. King Sue Chorizo de Bilbao, or King Sue Hungarian Sausage, sliced diagonally

400 grams dried Yellow Split Pea

3 cloves Garlic, minced

1 pc. Onion, sliced

1 pc. Red Bellpepper, diced

100 grams Kale, or Alugbati


Smoked Paprika


1.) Boil enough water to make soup for 10 servings.

2.) Add in your King Sue Ham Hock Bones, King Sue Chorizo de Bilbao, minced Garlic, and sliced Onions.

*This recipe will highly depend on the quality of your ingredients. I personally trust King Sue products enough, that I know it will produce enough essence to flavor a stock base for our soup.

3.) Once the flavors has steeped out of the bones and chorizo, add in your dried split peas. Have the mixture simmer until the split pea is tender.

4.) Adjust seasoning using Patis, and smoked Paprika. Try not to use too much salt, as the Ham Hock and Chorizo are both already salty enough.

5.) Add in Bellpepper, and Kale. Use the soup’s residual heat to cook these vegetables.

6.) Enjoy while still hot.

Hopefully this Yuletide season, you may try out this dish, together with King Sue’s other bestsellers Christmas Ham Bone-in, Pina Ham, Sweet Ham, and Bacon.

Stay hungry,


Nathaniel Uy

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