6th Philippine Harvest meets Bon Appetit


The Department of Agriculture (DA) and Stores Specialists, Inc. (SSI) partnered with the French Embassy in Manila for the 6th Philippine Harvest at Central Square, which once again brought a one-of-a-kind gastronomic market and festival that offered best of both Filipino and French food straight to our tables.


Dubbed Philippine Harvest Meets Bon Appétit, the three-day trade event was in keeping with this year’s commemoration of the 70th anniversary of Philippines-France diplomatic ties and interchange. Bon Appétit was organized by the French Embassy in Manila in line with its PhilFrance: Feel French! campaign to celebrate the 70th year of strong bilateral partnership shared by the two nations.


For Philippine Harvest Meets Bon Appétit, DA has assembled 24 exhibitors from across the country that highlighted the richness and diversity of the country’s organic, artisanal, natural, and indigenous agricultural products.


The French side, for its part, offered their world-renowned cheese, wines, dairy and meat products, pastries, and other foodstuff to highlight their proud gastronomic and culinary tradition, which incidentally belongs to UNESCO’s World Heritage List as an embodiment of “intangible” cultural heritage.


Stay hungry,


Nathaniel Uy

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