Liquid Gold finally in the Philippines

Cool, crisp Liquid Gold  Prosecco.jpg

Sophistication in a bottle, elegance in a glass, or simply Liquid Gold Drinks — there’s a new spirit in town that’s about to bring verve to your night life, or anytime you feel like celebrating something momentous.

Liquid Gold's stylish and colorful  bottles are not just drinks, but a fashion statement.jpg

Introducing Liquid Gold — a bevy of classy, limited edition drinks ranging from Italian white sparkling wine made from the finest Glera grapes, and vodka, is set to raise the bar of local libation scenes.

A creation of visionary Marino Roberto, known for his expertise when it comes to high quality Italian clothing and grocery products, Liquid Gold is an answer to our constant search for the perfect toast. Roberto is known to bring the best products to Italy, Germany and the UK. And now he brings that expertise in the local bar scene with Liquid Gold Prosecco.

Liquid Gold Prosecco Italian Sparkling White Wine is a superior drink made from choice Glera grapes with a combination of other varieties such as Bianchetta Trevigiana. These drinks are distinct not only because of its sophisticated taste, but also because of its beautiful packaging that make it a standout in parties and events.

Liquid Gold’s PROSECCO DOC ELEGANT for example, makes a statement with its striking metallic bottles – available in an array of colours. Created for the global luxury and fashion markets – which accept nothing but the best – Liquid Gold is guaranteed to get the party started. The distinctive flavour of Liquid Gold Prosecco is due to the select ingredients which release an aromatic and fruity bouquet, making an ideal drink to serve as an aperitif.

On the other hand, Liquid Gold’s PROSECCO DOC CLASSIC is the perfect solution for your everyday consumption of Prosecco. Not every day can be transformed into a party, but every day without a fine wine is a day lost.

The line-up of drinks also include CUVÈE, VINO SPUMANTE EXTRA DRY Black and Gold Edition, as well as the must-have Italian Vodka — a jump in elegance compared to its Russian counterpart.

Liquid Gold drinks were a hit  during the launch at the Manila Polo Club in Forbes Park, Makati.jpg

So feel the spirit of a new nightlife and know what it means to drink only the best — have a glass (or bottle) of Liquid Gold Drinks, and enjoy being the life of every party!

Stay hungry,


Nathaniel Uy

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