Batangas Food Festival for only P500+ on October 28, 2017


The Matabungkay Beach Hotel is celebrating its 35th year anniversary this 2017, in line with this, they will also celebrate the 3rd Batangas Food Festival, an annual gastronomic event hosted by Matabungkay Beach Hotel highlighting a culinary showcase of traditional Batangas cuisine diversified by their featured Batangas-based chefs.

A good two to three hour drive from the Metro, Matabungkay Beach Hotel offers a safe
haven for backpackers, families, and other groups who would like a quick getaway from the busy city life. Matabungkay Beach takes pride in its crystal waters and white sand, water sports facilities, tranquil ambiance, and luscious food menu.


Just on October 28, 2017, revel in the 30 diversified traditional dishes, 5 beverage concoctions, featuring 3 esteemed chefs; and 5 heirloom recipes from prominent clans of Batangas. – all for Php500.00 + per head! Though this special menu will be available from November to December 2017.

Tag your friends and family! Register now at For more information, you may also visit

Stay hungry,


Nathaniel Uy

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