Happy HoliDanes with Danes Cheese Ball


Though Christmas is over… We are still looking forward to festive dishes that will be served during family gatherings. 🙂 The more people and food, the merrier!

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Every family has their own recipes of that special dish that they have mastered and improved over decades. After all it is all about traditions, and it’s a wonderful thing to share traditions with the people closest to you. But it’s also the perfect time to start your own traditions. It might be time to revamp your own creations with cheesy twists to those traditional dishes.

Liven up your family gatherings with Danes Cheese Ball. It’s creamy, delicious and cheesy on its own. But what’s even better is that it’s so versatile you can mix it into your own recipes or make new dishes with it!

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Here are four dishes that can then make your “handa” extra special:


Spaghetti is a Filipino party essential ! Something about this just screams, “Let’s celebrate!” Why not make your sweet spaghetti even better with cheese mixed into the sauce. Then sprinkle a lot of cheese on top. This will surely be a hit with the kids!


Every mom has a specialty dish, and you can expect it served on the grandest occasion of the year. Caldereta is one of the most popular mommy specialties. It’s a common heirloom recipe passed on from generation to generation. Adding cheese to the sauce makes it even more savory.


As an appetizer or dessert, we can’t get enough of kakanin, especially with cheese sprinkled on top of them! Besides, nearly everything is better with cheese, right?

Fruit Salad

Most of us probably even helped making this as a kid, right? Bonding over family gathering preparations is a special part of our family memories. It’s a really cheesy moment we share with our families.

Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 3.24.31    PM.jpg

These are just some of the dishes you can make with Danes Cheese Ball, you can mix it into your own recipes or make new dishes with it. It’s great eaten on its own and it’s great with your signature dishes as well.

So what are you waiting for? Give your traditional  dishes an awesome flavor boost with Danes Cheese Ball and create new family favorites.

Stay hungry,


Nathaniel Uy


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