Conagra Brands, quick & easy Breakfast Meals

1 Recipe photo - Corned Beef Hash.jpg

Mornings go by so fast that most of us have become accustomed to grabbing and eating the nearest snack for breakfast. While this habit makes things convenient, it makes us miss out on the opportunities that the first meal of the day brings, namely being able to express love through cooking and being able to bond with family over food.

True to its mission of bringing families together through food, Conagra Brands has put together hot breakfast meals that are easy to cook and are best eaten while bonding with your loved ones.

3 Recipe photo - Eggs Simmered in Tomato.jpg

No ingredient screams breakfast more than eggs. But eggs don’t have to be scrambled and sunny-side up every time. Be an adventurous cook and let your family try new flavors by simmering your eggs in Hunt’s Diced Tomatoes. This dish of poached eggs smothered in rich tomato sauce could just be what jumpstarts your day.

7 Product shot - Libby's corned beef.jpg

Want your family to have a heavy breakfast? Create a fuss-free meat and potatoes meal by going for a one-pan corned beef meal. Just put together two cans of Libby’s Corned Beef, softened diced potatoes, eggs and spices into a pan, and you’ll soon have enough Corned Beef Scramble for the entire family.

2 Recipe photo - Vienna Sausage with Scrambled Eggs.jpg

Sausage and eggs are a breakfast combo that’s loved by all. And you certainly don’t have to defrost and skin sausages to make this! Just grab a pan and spray this with PAM Olive Oil Cooking Spray, fry some Libby’s Vienna Sausage, and serve these tender sausages with scrambled eggs.

4 Recipe photo - Pancakes with Whipped Cream.jpg

If your family wants something other than rice, make them wake up to the smell of pancakes being cooked with Blue Bonnet Margarine. And, just to make things more exciting, top your pancake stacks with Reddi Wip whipped cream.

Whether your family likes their breakfast savory or sweet, traditional or adventurous, Conagra Brands assures stress-free cooking and dishes that #FlavorYourFun.

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Nathaniel C. Uy

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