Big Sky Nation Travel WiFi


For my travels, I have partnered with Big Sky Nation, the number 1 Travel Solutions Provider in the Philippines. They are committed to providing the best Travel Connectivity Products to their customers. They make sure that all their products and services fit every budget and satisfies every need depending on the customer’s data connectivity needs.



Last year, when I had the fortunate luck and time to have traveled three different countries, my biggest concern was connectivity. I would need a Pocket Wifi that will work for Bangkok, Hanoi, and Singapore all in one go, without downtime and need to change sim or load.


I tried out Big Sky Nation (, as suggested by a blog reader and Instagram follower. What I like about the brand is that the WiFi will automatically change depending to what city you are in.


You would get updates on your phone regarding your new WiFi provider for that certain city. I love hassle-free transactions. Also, battery last practically the entire day.


Most days WiFi will already be on around 7am till 5pm, prepare for dinner, and be out again around 6pm till 11 or 12midnight. There is just that 1 hour in between those travels to re-charge the WiFi device.


I strongly use the device for Google Maps, Grab, translation, conversion, emails, and social media updates. Though I don’t take chances, I still have a power bank on hand, but I have never used it except to charge my phone.


If you want to experience the same worry-free travel, do visit their website at for more information. Also, don’t forget to use the promo code, thehungrychefEATS, to get 10% off on your initial rent.


Stay hungry,


Nathaniel C. Uy

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