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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day– but also the one we often skip due to the early morning rush to prepare ourselves for work and the kids for school. But with a little inspiration and help from The Maya Kitchen, you can certainly put together a hot and healthier breakfast on the fly. So, wake up to a great morning and never miss a proper meal again with these three easy, good-for-you recipes.

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Quick, simple and delicious, this Champorado with Whole Rolled Oatmeal recipe only requires four ingredients — MAYA Champorado Mix, whole rolled oatmeal, sugar, and water. A bowl of this flavorful champorado will surely warm your belly and keep it full well until lunch time!

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If you have picky eaters who don’t like fruits, the Healthy Breakfast Hotcakes with Fresh Fruits might help change their stubborn mind – plus, it’s so easy to make with the MAYA Original Hotcake Mix that you can even get the kids to join in. Prep the batter and pour it into a slightly greased pan or flat skillet. Just wait for the top to turn bubbly, then flip over. Finish by topping with fresh fruit and maple syrup or honey.

Beef Pastrami Benedict Photo 1.JPG

Serve a hearty Beef Pastrami Benedict in less than 30 minutes. Take a piece of ciabatta bread and pile slices of pastrami, tomatoes and arugula leaves. Place one poached egg on top, then drizzle with hollandaise sauce. You can make your own hollandaise at home to use for a variety of meals. Here’s how: Beat egg yolks in a pot of simmering water, remove the bowl from heat, and then pour butter lemon juice, salt and white pepper. Continue mixing until it smoothens, and you’ve got the sauce ready to go.

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Start your day right, gather the kids around and make yourselves a hearty, healthy breakfast! If you want to learn how to prepare more easy and impressive meals, check out The Maya Kitchen’s basic cooking and baking classes or log on to for more awesome menu ideas.

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Learn great recipes at If you want to take your baking and cooking skills up a notch check out Maya Kitchen’s course offerings at the website, e-mail,or visit The Maya Kitchen Culinary Center every Tuesday to Saturday at 8F Liberty Building, 835 A. Arnaiz Avenue (Pasay Road), Makati City or call 8921185 or 892-5011 local 108 or +63929 679 6102.

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