Pepita’s Lechon X Flame Restaurant


Mom is a huge fan of Ms. Dedet, also known as THE Lechon Diva.  For Mother’s Day, I decided to surprise her with a degustation dinner of not only by Ms. Dedet, but also in collaboration with one equally great chef, Chef Luis Chikiamco of Flame Restaurant.


Flame Restaurant of Discovery Primea (Makati) is the perfect location for this one awesome dinner. The place is quite, fancy but not intimidating, and it overlooks the beautiful silhouette of the Metro, amidst the rush hour traffic.


By the way, heard from the grape vine that this collaboration might have a second run in September. Keep your eyes, ears, and tummy for more information about that. For the mean time, let me share with you what we had.


Dinner started with Homemade Chicharon by Chef Luis. Yes, 12-courses is highly caloric enough, but having pork rinds as amuse bouche is a great way to preview the meal ahead.










Ms. Dedet’s first dish was Lechon Scones with Mr. Thomas Butter, and Balut Salpicao in Garlic and EVOO. I was hesitant to eat the Balut Salpicao, because I didn’t know what to expect. In the end, I finished the entire serving and ate my mom’s portion as well. It was lovely. Chef Luis’ first course was Tuna Kilawin with coconut cream, ginger, and chili, to counter the rich flavors of Ms. Dedet’s.










Next two dishes were seafood courses from Chef Luis, first was a Seafood Bounty dish consisting of Prawn, Shell, Mussel, Lato Salad, and Tomato & Lemongrass Gelee. The second one would be a Crab Crouquete with Crab Fat, and Crab meat.


I am highlighting this Lechon course, because you attend a degustation organized by Ms. Dedet because of the Lechon. Even though every single dish served was magnificently done, the Lechon will always be the highlight. Ms. Dedet presented a Lechon Sandwich with Pickled Ampalaya, Pressed Pan de Sal, Foie Gras. Only The Lechon Diva can think something so creative, and delicious as this.










Next two dishes also from Ms. Dedet was the Sisig Chicharon Ball with Sabachara, or Atchara made with Saba Banana, sheer genius! and Stuffed Lechon na Manok.


Mom’s favorite dish of the night was that of Chef Luis. Foie Gras Congee, with Smoked Duck Breast, 63 degree Egg, and Ginger-rice Soubise. This dish was such a comforting, and light dish, that we all completely forgot we have 5 more  courses to go.










The last two dishes by Chef Luis, proves that he is a genius inside the kitchen. Australian Lamb, turned into a street-food-style Barbecue, served with Atchara tempura and spicy Vinegar Dip. The meat is very tender, and is stripped of the usual gamey-flavor attached with lamb. His second dish is USDA beef cooked two-ways. First was a 24-hour sous vide Beef, that has all rich smokey flavor, and the second was grilled Adobo Short Ribs.



Last dish before dessert was Ms. Dedet’s Lechon “Sawarp”, her famous Lechon Conchinillo stuffed with Lumpiang Gulay, served with her famous Labuyo Sauce, Lumpia Sauce, and Vinegar.










For dessert, Ms. Dedet had us sample her 2019 entry for PDI’s Best Desserts, Halo Halong Bilo Bilo, while Chef Luis served us a myriad of Petit Fours with Filipino infused flavors.


It was indeed a dinner to remember, having two great chefs to cook for us, it is really splendid. Mom until now still remembers and still reminisce about the degustation.


For more information about Pepita’s Kitchen, please call (02) 425 4605 or send her an email (, or visit her Facebook Page or Instagram Account.

Stay hungry,


Nathaniel Uy

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