Tokyo Tokyo, Beef and Tomato Ramen


Tokyo Tokyo, introduces a new ramen, just in time for the rainy season. Ramen is definitely the definitive comfort food on cold drizzly days. Their new Beef and Tomato Ramen promises to offer such comfort on the upcoming gloomy weather.


Savory Beef Strips, topped on a slight-spiced flavorful Tomato-infused broth, served with Buttered Corn, Shredded Cabbage, Leeks, and Boiled Egg, this is a good fusion of Japanese-flavors, with something very familiar.


My friends and I got very much intrigued that even if the ramen is new, it tasted very familiar. Someone said it was akin to Spaghetti, one said it was similar to Kaldereta, me personally, I think it is somewhere near to a Spicy Picadillo.


Have you tried this ramen yet? How would you describe it? I am very curious what you guys think about it.


Stay hungry,


Nathaniel C. Uy

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