Sentro 1771 launches NEW Menu


Sentro 1771 has been on the forefront in creating a modern Filipino dining experience. Using carefully selected ingredients for a well-curated menu, the restaurant highlights its deep understanding of various local dishes. Although also known for successfully reinventing traditional favorites, the restaurant has consistently preserved the taste and flavor that diners have patronized for years.


From the beautiful interiors, warm lighting, to the excellent food and service, the restaurant consistently imbibes a sophisticated feel that’s perfect for hearty meals.


A new addition in the menu is the Shrimp Cracker Salad. Who would have thought that combining the textures and flavors of shrimps and singkamas with lime mayo on shredded lettuce and kropek would be so appetizing?


Fast becoming a favorite is the latest Garlic Steak with its marinated slices of beef top blade topped with garlic butter.


Also, the Macau Chorizo and Cheese Tidbits should not be missed! These yummy mini spring rolls are filled with Macau chorizo, shallots, and keso de bola.


Undeniably, the dish that everyone raves about – and constantly remembers –is the famous Corned Beef Sinigang. Sentro 1771 only uses corned beef cured in-house for 3-5 days. Sample the Rated GG that transforms basic galunggong fillets into a dish has been a hit with diners.


The Seafood Laing is perfectly paired with a bowl of piping hot white rice.


Sentro 1771 has also made everyone’s life easier with the Boneless Crispy Trotter – delectable crispy pata but without the large bones.


Save room for desserts! Keso Flan is a delightful Filipino twist on the traditional cheesecake served with salted egg and queso de bola.  Fried Suman with mangoes are Rolled-out suman fried to a light crisp, topped with ripe mangoes, and served with sweet coco jam.


Pandan-wrapped Milkfish

Upholding the Filipino’s traditional concept of salu-salo among friends and families, the restaurant expands its serving sizes. Choose from the “small” serving for personal meals, “sharing” portion for small group dining; to “family” size perfect for a larger number of friends and families. Everyone is assured that Sentro 1771 serves generously sized meals at reasonable prices.


Fried Kesong Puti

From delicious dishes to excellent customer service, Sentro 1771 brings together fun and interesting experiences of Filipino food. All these make it the perfect spot for a cheerful gathering among family and friends. Adding to that, Filipino food will always be a welcome treat for balikbayans missing homegrown cuisine this coming holiday.

For more information on Sentro 1771, please visit Like and follow @Sentro1771 on Facebook and Instagram for all the updates.

Stay hungry,


Nathaniel C. Uy

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