SBS Inkigayo Sandwich now in Manila!!!


To K-pop fans out there, great news!!! The popular SBS Inkigayo Sandwich is finally in Manila!!! Follow their Facebook account, or Instagram account, to know where the Sandwich truck is heading to.


Nowadays, the influence of western culture is dominating Asian countries and vice versa. In Korea, the Inkigayo Sandwich is currently becoming a trend and famous because of its taste, filling and is being eaten by K-popIdols.


Composed of Korean Mayo based Coleslaw, Strawberry Jam, Egg & Kani Salad, this combination might confused some, but this sandwich is actually sought after in Korea.


SBS Inkigayo Sandwich started at SBS music show, named after the music show itself, “Inkigayo”. Many K-pop artists shared their story about discovering the sandwich. Seungri, member of boy group Bigbang, shared a story about how they’re not allowed to eat inside the waiting area. While waiting for their segment, they would go to the 4th floor of the building to get some food. That’s how SBS Inkigayo Sandwich got famous. Seungri also revealed that people inside the building would remove one side of the plastic and slip their phone number to give it to other K-pop idols and staffs.


What’s my verdict, does the combination work? Weirdly, I’ve been eating a sandwich of sort ever since. It is something I’ve made while working in the kitchen. Though mine usually has ham in it, I still appreciate the mirage of flavors with one bite. You get sweet, salty, sour, and savory.


Is this something that will interest you? At only 129php, this is worth a try!!! You might find a new fave with this sandwich.


Stay hungry,


Nathaniel C. Uy

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