Ogetsu Hime, Oget and Enjoy All-You-Can

Ogetsu Hime Tokubetsu sashimi.jpg

If you’re on a quest for delicious Japanese fare, Ogetsu Hime has a trove of stellar beef dishes, sushi, and premium menu favorites right here in the city. Named after Ogetsu Hime, the food goddess of Japan, the restaurant offers only the best from the Land of the Rising Sun, with premium ingredients you won’t find elsewhere.

Ogetsu Hime maguro tataki.jpg

A cut above all other run-of-the-mill Japanese restaurants, Ogetsu Hime brings the freshest and most authentic seafood from the famous Tsukiji Market regularly. It follows the Japanese food philosophy and delivers only high-quality delights at reasonable prices to its customers. This includes the world’s rarest, most tender cut of marbled beef from Japan’s Mie prefecture.

Ogetsu Hime karai shake maki.jpg

And if you thought that was all, there’s another mouthwatering reason to go to Ogetsu Hime. You can enjoy a premium, top quality selection of the best delicious Japanese fare at an order-all-you-can price! Sample an array of high-grade, authentic dishes made with ingredients imported from Japan now. Indulge in the ultimate Japanese buffet experience with the Oget and Enjoy All-You-Can!

Ogetsu Hime momo teri maki.jpg

You can also enjoy unlimited US Angus Tenderloin, premium sushi, and more than 100 specialties on the clean plate price when you dine in at any of the restaurant’s two branches. Pay only Php 988 for lunch Monday to Friday; Php 1,088 for dinner from Monday to Friday; and Php 1,088 Lunch and Dinner during holidays and weekends throughout the year. Check out Ogetsu Hime’s Facebook page for the full details, and avail of the Oget and Enjoy All-You-Can at SM Megamall and SM Aura Premier!

Ogetsu Hime US Beef Sukiyaki.jpg

Enjoy the US Angus Tenderloin (and other meat and seafood you choose) as a tasty teppan, cooked by a Master Teppan Chef over a Japanese flat iron grill right in front of you. The teppanyaki is a popular cooking method as it brings out the natural goodness of the meat with the vegetables, but also because the chef’s culinary gymnastics with their steel spatulas are so fun to watch!

Ogetsu Hime Tokubetsu California roll.jpg

Make the most of the awesome eat-all-you-can deal and feast on limitless sushi, from the best selection of sashimi and makimono to Ogetsu Hime’s signature specialty rolls like the Ogetsu Hime Roll, Goma Ebi Tempura Roll, the Kaisen Fried Roll, Tokubetsu California Roll and the Momo Teri Maki.

Ogetsu Hime ebi shiitake tempura.jpg

Don’t forget to sample as much yakitori, kushiyaki, tempura, tonkatsu, ebi furai, and other Japanese favorites as you wish! Even appetizers, gyoza, nabemono (Japanese dishes cooked in a hot pot like sukiyaki), udon, and ju-mono (rice box dishes) are included in the wide range of delicacies you can choose from.

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just enjoying a dinner with family or friends, head over at Ogetsu Hime to experience the unique artistry of culinary Japan.

For updates and promos, like facebook.com/OgetsuHime and @ogetsuhime on Instagram or click-on the VI hashtag #ogetsuallyoucan.

For inquiries and reservations call the following Ogetsu Hime branches: SM Aura Premier 519-9840 or 0917-8096585 / SM Megamall 470-8241 or 0917-5762377.

Stay hungry,


Nathaniel Uy

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