Nikkei, Kagoshima Wagyu & Sake Dinner


Nikkei Rockwell takes Kagoshima’s top-grade Wagyu to even grater heights through a Wagyu and Sake dinner only for one night. Last October 03, renowned guest chef Samata serves up six delicious courses paired with top-shelf sakes selected by Philippine Wine Merchants (


When it comes to the lifestyles of livestock, Kagoshima’s cattle certainly live it up. The city is known for cows said to be fattened with booze, occasionally massaged, and raised with the greatest affection. However these cows are reared, they’ve produced the finest, most flavorful beef in the world: Kagoshima Wagyu.



A refreshing Japanese Dashi Jelly, served with Kagoshima A5 Wagyu seared Lifter Meat, diced Cucumber, Tomato, and Radish, kicks the dinner off, prepping the palate for dishes that put the spotlight on the supremely marbled beef. This was paired with sparkling Choya Umeshu, 4% alcohol, beautifully balanced sweet and tart taste from ume fruit.


Next came a straightforward Kagoshima A5 Wagyu Carpaccio Salad, made from Wagyu Chuck Flap, Basil, Salad Greens, Beets, and the chef’s special Vinaigrette.



Third course was a Rouleau Morohaya. Kagoshima Wagyu A5 grilled Chuck Eye steak, with Moroheya Sauce, served with Pine Nuts, Potato, Parmesan Cheese, Arugula, and Asparagus. This course was paired with Hakkaisan Tokubetsu Junmai. Tokubetsu means “special”, wherein the the rice is polished down to 60% to produce a clean, junmai-style sake. This 15 to 16% alcohol sake is well-balanced, mellow and have elegant flavor.



Next came a Kagoshima Wagyu A5 WAfu Stew, made from the cow’s Neck, marinated in red wine, served with spinach, and braised in Mirin, Soy Sauce, and Sugar. This course was paired with a Gekkeikan Kome to Mizu no Junmai. This 14 to 15% alcohol junmai-shu, is made from carefully selected “koshi hikari” rice and the fresh spring waters of the Fushimi region, for a light fragrant, well balanced sake.


For our last Kagoshima Wagyu dish, we had the Wagyu Hatchomiso. Seared A5 Kagoshima Beef Ribeye, served with Garlic Puree, Ponzu, Muso, Eggplant, and Arugula. This was paired with a Kuroushi Junmai. Kuroshi pioneered the pairing of Steak, and Sake. This 15.6% alcohol sake  adopted Yamadanishiki tp Koji and Moto. They consist of one-forth of total rice amount. The remaining Kake-mai is Gohyakumangoku.


Last main course served that night was made by Nikkei Chef, Hanbago Seto. Ground US Wagyu Striploin, served in homemade Potato Bun, served with Fideo Saltado, a Peruvian Chow Mien with seafood. This dish was paired with a Dassai 45 Junmai Daiginjo. Using 45% polished pure Yamada-Nishiki Rice, delivers fruit aromatics and delicate sweetness.


While multiple courses of wagyu is a tough act to follow, a Tiramisu Caviar makes for a sweet ending to the evening.


Reservations for Nikkei Rockwell can be made via mobile at (0916) 636 9817.


Stay hungry,


Nathaniel Uy


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