Safety Tips with PayMaya


If there is one thing you need to know about me, it is that I am a major shopaholic. I love to buy new clothes, new shoes, in trend food, and the like. That is why; I had a slight anxiety when ECQ was announced. I love the mall, and going to the mall. Thankfully PayMaya, truth be told, is and will always be a lifesaver.

The bank I am using right now simply is not reliable with online transactions. Why? Because it has limited reach. It doesn’t even allow third-party transactions through their online website. Luckily, PayMaya has contactless, safe use of cashless payments that helps us apply social distancing measures more effectively and reduces the risk caused by cash handling.


Here are some ways where I’ve personally used PayMaya during this quarantine period.

1.)   Ordering food/groceries online.

Truth be told, bulk of my online transactions fall under this category. With PayMaya I can easily transfer funds to the merchant I’m buying from.

If he’s a PayMaya user, I only need his mobile number to send money. If he uses a bank account, I can easily transfer funds via Instapay. For e-commerce sites like Lazada or online grocery sites like Landers, I usually just use the virtual Visa card number on my app.

After transferring funds, I just send screen shot if I bought from an SME, and the entire process is done. Just today, I ordered lunch, bought mask, got my protection gears all with the use of PayMaya.

2.)   Paying bills and government dues while at home.

I’ve been paying my cellphone bills since I was in high school. This taught me the value of responsibility, and thriftiness. When quarantine was imposed, I can’t go out and pay my monthly dues.

Thankfully with PayMaya’s Pay Bill Function, I can make sure that I will not miss out with paying my bills. I simply have to open my PayMaya app, go to Pay Bills, choose the merchant I’m paying and input the payment details. Within a few clicks, I’m done!

3.)   Sending money to loved ones with your smartphone.

This happened recently when my friend had an emergency and badly needed cash. With PayMaya’s Send Money function, I was able to easily transfer funds to his account in less than a minute.

If you encounter this problem and your friend doesn’t have a PayMaya account, you can easily transfer to his bank via Instapay. But if he doesn’t have a bank account either, worry not, because sending money from PayMaya to a Smart Padala agent is possible and easy, too!


4.)   Go cashless when going outside.

We can never be too careful. Let’s be honest, money is one of the dirtiest things there is. It has been passed on to one hand to another. To avoid the risk of spreading the virus through cash handling, stick to contactless payments.

You can either pay via PayMaya QR (a lot of establishments already accept this as a payment option including supermarkets, department stores and restaurants) or via your physical card which is accepted in all establishments accepting Visa and Martercard, worldwide.

As we enter the “new normal”, it is important to practice health measures properly – including physical distancing, to protect ourselves and our loved ones from the virus. Going with cashless transactions helps you do just that.


For more information on how to shop cashless, and safely please visit and to know more about PayMaya and features of your PayMaya account.

Stay hungry,


Nathaniel C. Uy

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