How to start using PayMaya Negosyo for your business in as fast as 24 hours!


Since the start of quarantine, I became a loyal user of PayMaya… Why? I can do different transactions, which my current bank can’t do. At first, that was my frustration, I want to buy a burger but, the establishment does not recognize my bank, nor does it allow for third-party payments. Hence, I turned to PayMaya and all my restaurant transactions were easily proceed.

Since I use PayMaya for both personal and business transactions, I find it hard to separate my personal cash flow with that of my business cash flow. I end up doing a manual balance sheet at night to figure out the proper debits and credits. Thankfully, PayMaya solved this problem with PayMaya Negosyo.


PayMaya Negosyo is a mobile app tailor fit for SMEs like me. With this app, you can accept cashless payments for your negosyo – whether via PayMaya QR code, PayMaya Send Money or bank transfers. By accepting cashless payments, we’re able to provide a safe and convenient payment option to our customers. And it is important to note that there is no monthly fee or dues for using this app. They just have a 1.5% MDR for each transaction.

With PayMaya Negosyo, I can simply send out QR codes which my customers can just scan for cashless and contactless payments. I can also get payment through my unique mobile number through Bank Transfer via Instapay or e-wallet. In a month, I can receive a maximum amount of P250,000, which is definitely an upgrade from my PayMaya account limit of P100,000.

PayMaya Negosyo accepts payments from PayMaya users via PayMaya QR which can be shared on through social media pages and chat apps. Also, it can receive payments from upgraded PayMaya users through the Send Money function of the app or through bank transfers via Instapay..

Simlar to my PayMaya app, logging in and registering is a breeze with PayMaya Negosyo. Just make sure that the mobile number you are using to register is not linked to a PayMaya account. To start using PayMaya Negosyo for your business, just follow these easy steps:


First, download the app. This is now available on Google PlayStore.

Second, complete the necessary details required then proceed next.

Third, you will receive a “One-Time-Pin” through your unique mobile number, key that into the app.

Fourth, you will likewise receive a “One-Time-Pin” through your email address, again you would need lock this into the app.

Fifth, choose the desired Data & Personalization settings, and click agree.

Sixth, you would need to take photo of a valid ID. For this, I used my Driver’s License. Make sure to take a clear photo of your ID! Also, you would need to do a video selfie. For this, you would need a well lit room.

Last step, log into the account and wait 24-48 hours to have your account activated and verified.

Give your business.a much-needed boost today and download PayMaya Negosyo. ( from the Google Play store today! To know more about PayMaya Negosyo, visit

Stay hungry,


Nathaniel C. Uy

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