Manila Creamery

Manila Creamery

Manila Creamery

When someone asks you to attend a Gelato Tasting event, you can never say no to that! ;p Not only because it’s free, but because you’ll have the chance to try and taste Manila’s newest Artisanal Gelato brand in the market. Manila Creamery launched its brand last April 11, 2015 with a free Gelato Tasting event, held in EDSA BDG. These kids are really going all out. 🙂

Jason Go of Manila Creamery

Jason Go of Manila Creamery

Not only did they go all out with their event, but they also went crazy with the flavors. They are determined to use only natural ingredients in their gelato. No artificial flavorings are added to enhance the taste. Everything is hand crafted, made in small batches, using imported ingredients or quality local products.



For the tasting, there were 8 flavors available out of the 12 they have. Just like in any other gelato store, you can taste any flavors you want before choosing one for your cup.

Lines and lines of people

Lines and lines of people

Mom, my younger sister, and I were lucky enough to have been given the chance to try all 8 flavors before choosing. 🙂 Though, I am terribly sorry for making all the other people wait in line. Crowds of people just kept pouring in, while we took our sweet time tasting each flavor. ;p Thank you very much for your patience!!! 🙂

Mangga't Suman

Mangga’t Suman

Mom had Black Sesame, which I think got the most raves that day, while my sister tried their Mangga’t Suman–a favorite among foodies.

Awesome Foodies :)

Awesome Foodies 🙂

I personally like two flavors, Kinder Bueno, and Apple Crumble. I chose Apple Crumble instead for my cup, since it is sort of new to my palette. What I like about Manila Creamery is the texture of their gelato. Smooth, creamy, thick, and filling. I think these are qualities of a good gelato.

Jason Go, and Paolo Reyes of Manila Creamery

Jason Go, and Paolo Reyes of Manila Creamery

What is the basic difference of Ice Cream and Gelato? I won’t go into details on the structure and process of making the two. I would rather focus on the palette. Think of Ice Cream as a snack. Light on the palette, creamy, flavorful, but not really satiating, but rather just something cool and sweet to beat of the heat. Now, think of Gelato as a dessert. Intense on the palette, thick, creamy, dense, satiating, something that will satisfy you after a few bites, or as a meal-ender.

Disclaimer: It was a free tasting event. Everything written here is entirely based on my own opinion, my own biases, and my own insights.

Manila Creamery

Mobile: +63 917 599 7963

Instagram: @mnlcreamery


Budget: P420 per pint (minimum of 2 pints per order)

Note: For now they offer delivery, with additional charge, and pick-up only.

Payment: Cash only

Follow them on IG @mnlcreamery

Follow them on IG @mnlcreamery

Try Manila’s newest Gelato, and enjoy Italy’s time-tested techniques with very local Pinoy flavor and creativity. 🙂

Stay hungry,


Nathaniel Uy

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