Foodie Alert: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Vanilla Almond


The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s newest offering, the Vanilla Almond Latte and Ice Blended Beverage.

FA TCBTL JAN2015 SMCP H2-0386.jpg

The coffee authority definitely does not disappoint its loyal patrons as it gifts them with yet another comforting beverage that combines the brand’s signature rich espresso with a creamy French Delux Vanilla and an enticing almond sauce.

Vanilla Almond IBC.jpg

Perfect for quiet, reflective moments in a café or intimate, relaxed celebrations among friends, the Vanilla Almond beverage is a light and sweet surprise that is teeming with flavorful promises for the year ahead. You can enjoy the Vanilla Almond beverage as a latte and let it warm your soul or take it as an ice blended drink to cool off during hectic days.

FA TCBTL JAN2015 SMCP H2-0641.jpg

Start the year #lightandsweet by creating resolutions that make your life more flavorful. De-clutter your home, let go of unhealthy relationships and habits, or start beautifying your space. Resolve to live sweet by connecting with long-lost friends, sending written postcards, or leaving thoughtful surprises for loved ones. The possibilities are endless.

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