Marco Polo Ortigas Manila, Lung Hin’s Golden Zongzi

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Celebrate the auspicious powers of dragons and discover the legend of the classic Zongzi rice dumplings this coming Dragon Boat Festival on June 9, 2016 as Marco Polo Ortigas Manila’s Lung Hin Cantonese restaurant brings its guests the traditional food for a limited time offer.

Zongzi are dumplings in a triangular shape that combines the flavors of glutinous rice, roasted duck meat, chicken meat, dried scallops, pork belly, and salted egg. This delicacy is traditionally eaten during the Dragon Boat Festival to celebrate and memorialize the patriotism of Qu Yuan, a well-known government official and poet during the State of Chu in Warring States Period, 2,300 years ago.

The legend says that Qu Yuan was exiled by the then-king because of his straightforwardness. Leaving town had a great impact on him as he can no longer save his people, and he saw how Chu went down. Because of this, Qu Yuan ended his life by jumping to the Miluo River. His followers grieved to his death, and in order to keep his body from dragons, they threw Zongzi rice dumplings to Miluo River so the dragons would eat the delicacy instead of Qu Yuan’s body. Since then, the legend has been passed down from generations to generations, and Zongzi has then symbolized Qu Yuan’s patriotism, filial piety, and righteousness.

Have a taste of the golden Zongzi and celebrate the morals and legend behind it with Lung Hin’s specially-crafted Zongzi. The delicacy is available for pre-order with two types, Nostalgic Rice Dumpling at P888, and Nostalgic Abalone Rice Dumpling at P1,380.

Disclaimer:  Everything written here is entirely based on my own opinion, my own biases, and my own insights.

Lung Hin Cantonese Restaurant

44th floor, Marco Polo Ortigas Manila, Meralco Avenue and Sapphire Street, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, 1600, Metro Manila, Philippines

Contact Numbers: (02) 720 7720



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Nathaniel Uy

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