Kabisera BGC


Kabisera stems from the idea that there is an opportunity for an elevated and refined yet honest and grounded way of enjoying Filipino Food. True enough “Kabisera” in the local dialect, means “the head of the table” or a place reserved for someone of important. Filipino food has always been known to be plain home-cooked meal. Because of this, it connotes comfort, it gives the sense of happiness. Kabisera merged the two ideas and transformed it into a wonderful restaurant that serves awesome Filipino cuisine.


Kabisera prides itself with an elegantly designed restaurant that does its purpose. They have an outdoor space that serves as the hang-out bar, wherein they offer cocktails in the afternoon, and in the evening.


The air-conditioned area doubles as the dining area that is beautifully designed with traditional yet modern interiors.


We started our Kabisera feast with appetizers, and these are not your ordinary appetizers… These are basically pumped up Pinoy Street Food.


Chicharon Bulakbak


Paired perfectly with their Crustacean Oil rich Pancit Luglug

Their version of Pancit Luglug is one of the best I had in a very long time.


Garlic Liempo Chips

As if the first two are not heart-attack waiting to happen, their version of Liempo Chips is again one of the best I had in a very long time.


No street food themed appetizer will be complete without these Deep-fried Balls.


and of course Isaw!!! 🙂


Ensalada ng Kabisera

Being a recently converted “health freak”… We needed to order some greens. Moving on with the main dishes. 🙂


Pugon Lechon Baboy

It is not fried, therefore… It is a healthier alternative!!! 🙂


Boneless Chicken Barbeque


My fave, Balbacua, a soup type dish rich in flavor because of the slow cooked Ox Tail :))


House Wing Platter, perfect with a bottle of Ice Cold Beer.


…so does their famous Pork and Beef Sisig 🙂

On the second floor, Kabisera offers a huge space that can be a venue to host press conferences, lunch or dinner meetings, or any type of simple celebration that needs good quality comfort food. 🙂

Disclaimer: It was a media event. Everything written here is entirely based on my own opinion, my own biases, and my own insights.


Bonifacio High Street, G/F Quadrant B3, 7th Avenue, Taguig City

Contact Number: (0998) 960 3825


Don’t miss out on dessert!!! 🙂

You can have your Sago’t Gulaman spiked with Whiskey or Vodka ;p Also, do not miss out on their Fudgy Tablea Chocolate Cake. :))

Stay hungry,


Nathaniel Uy

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