Tropic Frank

Tropic Street Food.JPG

Frank & Dean was built on the excitement of every cup of coffee, every slice of pizza and every crunchy bite of fried chicken. But we also like to unwind over some drinks, and so we’re launching Tropic Frank, a haven for happy hour amidst an al fresco escape.

TF Promos.jpg

On Wednesday, July 6 we officially launch Tropic Frank featuring our 1 +1 on select beers, which goes great with the classic street food on our menu. At the launch event, Jameson, the world’s #1 Irish whiskey, will also be having an exclusive tasting for special select guests.

As part of the launch we’re throwing a party on all Wednesdays of July with especially curated music for the Tropic Frank vibe – brought to you by our friends from “What Went Down Last Weekend.” Perfect for those who want to unwind right after work and get home early enough to rest up.

Tropic Frank is on the second floor of Frank & Dean Cafe x Kitchen, and is open daily from 4pm-12 midnight.

Stay hungry,


Nathaniel Uy


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