Gold’s Gym Philippines: Fourth Month

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People ask me, why do I post workout photos on Instagram and blog? Simple reason, I want accountability. I want to tell people that I do work out, and I want people to actually tell me that they see change. Why? How else will I know if I am just punishing myself or actually progressing.


Going to gym every single day is not easy feat. Find time, arrange schedule accordingly, save energy for the rest of the day, but it can be done. I go to gym everyday weekday early morning to get it over with.


The hardest part is waking up. ;p When that is conquered, everything seems to follow perfectly. 8am in the gym, out by around 11am. After which, I can still go to work and have a productive day ahead.


When you see actual results within even just a month of training, it will inspire you more to do better.


That is it for now… This is the forth blog (check the first one here, the second one here, and the third one here) on my weight loss transformation, hope this series will and can inspire someone to do the same.


Stay hungry,


Nathaniel Uy

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