Gold’s Gym Philippines: Fifth Month


Little changes everyday is better than no change at all. I always question myself if there is really progress with my training. Though from people I meet, I always hear they see change. Even personally I always think the change is too little for me to appreciate. Hence, I think it is more of the mindset. It is better to have and feel little changes everyday than completely no change at all.

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Gold’s Gym Philippines: First Month


Gold’s Gym Philippines

I am fat!!!

Let’s face it… I am…

There is no other way to sugar coat it.

Behind all the comments about my weight, about my physical attributes, I am simply living an unhealthy lifestyle. I used to say… Never trust a skinny, chef!!! But I’ve met a lot of skinny chefs who cooks really good. I used to say… I am a foodie, who is always hungry!!! But, what is more important? That designation, or my health?

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