Gold’s Gym Philippines: First Month


Gold’s Gym Philippines

I am fat!!!

Let’s face it… I am…

There is no other way to sugar coat it.

Behind all the comments about my weight, about my physical attributes, I am simply living an unhealthy lifestyle. I used to say… Never trust a skinny, chef!!! But I’ve met a lot of skinny chefs who cooks really good. I used to say… I am a foodie, who is always hungry!!! But, what is more important? That designation, or my health?

Last year I told myself that I would diet down this year to roughly 160, 165 pounds. I knew it will not happen without exercise. Who am I kidding? With all the food I am eating each and everyday, how will I trim down my weight? I knew I needed to take action, and I knew that I needed to do this the hard way. Going to gym.


There are quiet a number of fitness clubs around my place, but what I needed was motivation. When I was younger and a lot thinner, I used to workout in Gold’s Gym Xavier Club. I know their programs works, because I lost 40 or so pounds before through Gold’s Gym. They have my confidence that the same result will show.


With Nutritionist Spencer, and Gold’s Gym Marketing Officer Denzel So

First step upon signing up with Gold’s Gym is have Nutrition Counseling. Everyone will get 1 free session of this. A qualified and licensed nutritionist will check your vitals, fat percentage, metabolic rate, and everything related else related to your diet. A healthy lifestyle after all is 70% nutrition or diet, and only 30% exercise. What we eat, how much we eat, will contribute more on how fast or how slow we will lose weight.

With this session, I was not asked to do any physical activities just yet. Although, it was really an eye-opener. Basically, I heard all the bad things I never wanted to hear. Truth hurts, I just need to accept reality that I needed a healthier lifestyle.


Coach Kiko Ayala of Gold’s Gym New Manila

It took me a week after my Nutrition Counseling to go back to gym, due to prior commitments. Membership also includes three free sessions with a certified Physical Trainer (PT).

First session with the PT includes physical assessment, this is necessary so that they would know what sort of activities will be beneficial to you. Through this test, it was confirmed that my body was in deep mess. Not only was I over-weight, I also found out that my body lacks flexibility.


Coach Kiko Ayala was assigned to me for the three free sessions, the next two sessions was focused on cardio routines, and a exercise program, which I can do whenever I am not availing a coaching session.

I find having a Personal Trainer very useful. 1.) For motivation, 2.) Breaks routine, 3.) Safety, 4.) Accountability.


Coach Boyet Trinidad

Coach Boyet Trinidad took over after my free sessions, most of the time I do TRX or Rip: 60 exercises with him. Mind you, those ropes are so much harder than lifting weights.

I go to gym everyday for a month now since my first session with Coach Kiko, since then I lost near to 20 pounds and counting. I also control myself from over indulging, and includes more fruits and vegetables in my diet. I try to eat less carbs now, if needed I would eat Red or Black Rice, Quinoa, or Wheat Bread. Fruits is now my go to snack whenever I find myself hungry. Though, I give myself two days a week to “cheat” but still with utmost control.


My view every morning 🙂

That is it for now… Will do a monthly blog on my weight loss transformation, hope this series will and can inspire someone to do the same.

Stay hungry,


Nathaniel Uy

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