Pier 717, Ready-to-Eat Real Crab Meat!


Pier 717 is CONVENIENCE in a tub. The country is very rich with Blue Crab or Alimasag, but enjoying its sweet plump meat is a coveted time-consuming treat. It is really a hassle to pry open these fresh crabs in order for one to get into their precious meat inside. Not to mention all the shell you paid for, down the drain after eating.


Pier 717 real Crab Cocktail Claw poached in Court Bouillon and served with classic cocktail sauce

I’ve first used Pier 717 few years back in culinary school; at that time I was able to use their shelled real Crab Lump Meat, for my Ricotta Crab Risotto. The dish earned me a medal, which I merit hugely for the usage of Pier 717 products. Easily, I just opened a (at that time) can of Pier 717 real Crab Lump Meat and topped it on a, what for me, just any ordinary risotto.

Since Pier 717’s products are Ready-to-eat, I just topped my ordinary risotto with couple real Lump Crab Meats and the sweetness of the crab really brought the dish to life. Their product really added plump, briny ocean flavours to my “creation”.


Pier 717 real Super Lump crab meat served with Fresh Pomelo and Mango Coulis

The first time I used Pier 717, I really thought this was imported (gladly I was wrong); the look had the feel of San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Warf. However, I was apparently already using ALL LOCAL, ALL SUSTAINABLE, ALL NATURAL, and PRESERVATIVE FREE product, freshly caught and processed in the country.

It makes me feel proud that a local company, such as RGE Agridev Corp (Pier 717), has gained food accreditation by BFAR, and is the first and only company certified for EU export.


Pier 717 real Super Lump Crab Meat topped on Cauliflower Soup, and Caramelized Walnuts

This is truly a product that helps our fisherfolks, and gives back to the community by fishing sustainability, and in turn helps the local communities thrive by giving them job and livelihood.

Pier 717 is readily available in the chiller or refrigerated section of Rustan’s and S&R, in half pound or one pound tub. Just for quick reference, each tub of Pure Claw Meat contains roughly 36 pieces of blue crabs, each tub of Cocktail Claw Meat contains approximately 55 pieces of crabs, and each tub of Pure Super Lump contains 24 pieces of crab. That in itself is amazing!!! A kilo of alimasag is only 4 to 6 pieces maximum!!! Imagine packing in 55 pieces of crabs in a tub.


Pier 717 real Super Lump crab meat made into a crab dip, and served with Fried Wonton Chips

Also, I’ve tried using “crab” meat from the wet market, though sadly these things you need to cook the entire pack in the day of purchase else these will spoil, and these are filled with unpicked shells. With Pier 717, I’ve tried freezing leftovers (although not immediately recommended), and quality is still as superior as you first open the tub, also these are virtually shell-free.

Sometimes, it pays to go one little step in learning about a product you use at home. My curiosity of Pier 717 made me appreciate the product a little more than just a tub of really good crab meat, but a company that gives back to the country.


Pier 717 real Pure Claw crab meat tossed in Spaghetti, Mushroom, & Crab Pasta

For more information on RGE Agridev Corp., or Pier 717 Crab meat products, please visit their website at http://www.rgeagridev.com/ or Instagram at @Pier717Crab.

Stay hungry,


Nathaniel Uy

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