Gold’s Gym Philippines: Seventh Month


On my seventh month with Gold’s Gym Philippines, I did a lot of first… If not first, then maybe I consider them as achievements. 🙂


I did my first Vertical Run, or fun run for that matter again after 10 years or so. 20 floors up in a little than less 6 minutes. 🙂 For comparison the winner went up 60 floors for just a little over than 6 minutes.


I am also slowly increasing the weights I lift. 🙂 For bench press and squats, my current weight is at 50 kilo, while Dead lift is at 60 kg. Never have I imagined being able to carry that much weight when I started seven months ago. 🙂 Again, slowly but surely… you’ll be able to achieve your goals. 🙂


That is it for now… This is the seventh blog (check the first one here, the second one here, the third one here, the fourth one here, the fifth one here, the sixth one here) on my weight loss transformation, hope this series will and can inspire someone to do the same.


Stay hungry,


Nathaniel Uy

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