Gold’s Gym Philippines: Second Month

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I stopped counting pounds loss because my weight seemed stagnant for weeks now, but I started counting fat loss instead. To date I lose 6.60% body fat. I was told 3% to 5% per month is healthy, so I guess I am just on the right track.


With Coach Tim Espinosa

To people who believes that weight loss’ only visible change is with a weighing scale, I propose a different view. I now wear regular fit Medium shirts or fitted Large shirts from my previous regular fit XL shirts.


I also liked lifting free weights now as compared with cable training. Personally, I feel the pain more with free weights, hence I feel like it is burning more fats. I guess it is also psychological, but when I asked my trainer about it, he said that free weights can sometimes target more muscle group than with cable training.


I also grew liking for Inclined Bench Press, Dead lift, and Squats. Basically, I try to do those three exercises at least every other day, making sure that I cover almost all muscle group possible.


That is it for now… This is the second blog (check the first one here) on my weight loss transformation, hope this series will and can inspire someone to do the same.


Stay hungry,


Nathaniel Uy

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