Tokyo Tokyo, Wagyu Burger


Burgers are the epitome of fast meal food. It started the whole craze for easy, on-the-go, hand-held, complete meal. But… let’s face it. Not all burgers are created equal. Not all burgers are the same. Some, like Tokyo Tokyo’s Burgers are made with 100% locally-raised Wagyu Beef.


Yes, you heard it right! 100% Wagyu Beef!!! Amazing right? Next question would be… Wagyu is expensive. We can’t afford that!!! Believe it or not, (and I was surprised myself) the price point starts only at 160 pesos for their premium Wagyu Cheese Burger which is served with really soft brioche bread, fresh  lettuce, sliced cheese, and special sauce.


Let me just stop here and talk first about the special sauce. I am quite not sure what is inside their special sauce, but that sauce binds everything together. Whether you get the Wagyu Cheese Burger, the Rising Sun Burger, or my fave the Double Cheese Burger, everything comes with the special sauce. It has that Japanese heat to it that brings out the flavours of the beef and cuts through the richness of Wagyu marbling.


Going back to their next two burgers… the Rising Sun. The Wagyu wake-up call served with egg, fried onion rings drizzled with teriyaki sauce, complemented with sliced cheese, special sauce sandwiched in a brioche bun.


Lastly my fave, the overloaded Double Cheeseburger, a 2-patty Wagyu masterpiece served with fresh lettuce, double sliced cheese, special sauce impeccably loaded into a brioche bun.

Tokyo Tokyo Wagyu Burger is undoubtedly – bursting with intense flavors and alluring twists bound to please the most demanding of tastebuds. Everyone should never miss the joyful jumble of each painstakingly selected ingredient that contributes to the greatness of the soul-satisfying Wagyu Burger!

Try the new Tokyo Tokyo Wagyu Burger along with an exceptional snack experience for an affordable price! Taste it to believe it!


Stay hungry,


Nathaniel C. Uy

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